Catering / Local Foods & Food Services

Abbey Gardens

1012 Garden Gate Drive

Haliburton, ON K0M 2S0     705-754-4769

Heather Reid

Abbey Gardens is a not-for-profit charity providing economic and recreational opportunities for our community. Everything we do on site helps further our mission to create opportunities to learn about living more sustainably. If you want to learn about local food, gardening, energy, sustainable construction techniques, heritage agricultural animals, land restoration or cooking techniques, this is the place to visit!


AM / PM Outdoor Gourmet

4071 Elephant Lake Road

Harcourt  K0L 1X0 613-876-4639

Amanda McKenzie

Check out our New Little Shop with Big Flavours, BBQ  & food stand. Our Mobile Event Caterer now offering All seasons Takeout/BBQ & Specialty Foods. Freshly prepared meals, treats, custom orders, along with heat & serve, fresh or frozen options available for all your outdoor adventures, cottage, camp or home convenience. Pick up & delivery provided. Visit or contact us for your Custom Food Order.



Bs' Kitchen

5347 Loop Road

Highland Grove, ON K0L 2A0   613-318-9075

Melissa Burroughs

Bs’ Kitchen is the bakery everyone needs to visit. My kitchen is from the heart, old school baking. I don’t cut corners on time spent baking or ingredients that I put into my finished products. I want people to enjoy a product that has been made like you would bake it at home. Quality ingredients make quality products. I am very proud to say that I bake my tarts with locally produced maple syrup which you will not find in very many places. You can find me at many farmers markets, a few local stores or you can contact me directly. I love when people pre-order! Check out my Facebook page for products and pricing. I also do catering. I look forward to baking for you soon.


Haliburton Highlands Brewing

1067 Garden Gate Drive

Haliburton  K0M 1S0

Jewelle & Michael

Schiedel-Webb   705-754-2739

Haliburton Highlands Brewing is an award-winning craft brewery in the heart of the Haliburton Highlands; producing premium ales as fresh and natural as the highlands that inspire them. Located in the beautiful Abbey Gardens, we are proud to partner with local suppliers, producers and artists to create a true Haliburton destination.



Highland Maples

1247 Ojibway Road

Highland Grove, ON K0L 2A0

Sheldon Lewis 705-935-1269

Our farm is located at the southern end of Algonquin Park on Ojibway Road. We raise free-roam sheep, goats, pigs and turkeys which are available in the fall along with our delicious, raw unpasteurized honey. We also have free-roam chicken in the spring and fall. Please reserve your orders before hand. We also offer our own maple syrup and fresh eggs throughout most of the year. Our animals are chemical-free and ethically raised. Summer hours -Friday & Saturday 11am-4pm | Winter by appointment only. Tours of the farm can also be arranged.




Linkert Country Bakery

2804 Loop Road

Wilberforce, ON K0L 3C0     705-448-2455

Janet Barker 

Our famous fruitcake, available locally, shipped as a gift or used as a fundraiser is based on traditions spanning miles and years. A variety of made-from-scratch goodies, all made with old-fashioned TLC, supplies yearly surprises  - check our Facebook page, website or give us a call for more details.


Riley’s Northern Gold

1011 Hardwood Lane

Box 282, Wilberforce, ON     K0L 3C0

Mark Riley         705-448-2669

We are a family run business, established in 1994 in the Haliburton Highlands, near Wilberforce Ontario. Our syrup is produced in an eco-friendly way using a combination of modern technology and the time honoured traditions passed down from earlier generations. We think we produce the purest, most natural form of maple syrup available today.



Soloways Hot Dog Factory Outlet

4071 Elephant Lake Road

Harcourt, ON K0L 1X0     705-448-1007

David Houtorski

A quality meat store open to the public year-round, located just north of Harcourt in the old Martin Lumber Repair Facility. We welcome local residents, cottagers, campers, Algonquin Park visitors and food vendors of all kinds. We offer the same products used by Toronto street vendors and food trucks. Our selection includes; frozen meats, hot dogs, hamburgers, vegetarian products, sausages, steaks, peameal bacon, all possible condiments, plus buns, and ice. Make our store your destination!




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