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Adventure Haliburton Group

Bruce Ballentine


Adventure Haliburton is a collaboration of 17 exciting Outdoor Adventure Experience Providers located throughout the Haliburton Highlands. Known for the Best One Day-trip Experiences in Ontario, Adventure Haliburton provides a wide range of memorable adventures for all ages, interests & abilities. Whether you are a welcomed visitor travelling here from an hour or two away or a local resident, cottager, or a guest staying at one of the area’s excellent vacation venues, a leisurely drive through exquisite scenery to each adventure experience adds to the experience!


Deep Roots Adventure

2307 Loop Rd. (Box 15, Cardiff K0L 1M0)

Wilberforce, ON

Corina Mansfield          705-854-0628


Visit the Deep Roots Adventure Hub in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands of Ontario for Complete Outfitting Services – Rent all the gear you need to get you outdoors! Whether you are car camping with the family, or setting out for an extended paddle into Algonquin, we have the gear you need!

Wilderness School - Learn the skills you need to become capable and confident in the outdoors! Workshops include Trip Planning, Navigation, Survival, Learn to Camp and more! Beginners to pros can benefit from them!

Guided Adventures – Check out our pre-scheduled adventures, or request a guide for a special family/work day out.

School Field Trips – We are fully mobile and can come to your park, Conservation Area or Provincial Park to provide a program within your budget!

All of our programs can be customized and we are fully mobile! We can run a program at your club, camp, cottage, or local wilderness area!! They make amazing organic tea.



Greenmantle Farm

Mineral Eco Tours

1984 Essonville Line

Wilberforce, ON K0L 3C0     705-448-3948

Mark & Sandra Bramham


We provide guided mineral tours to see untouched mineral sites and give a geological history of the area. We explain some of the interconnections between the minerals and the living world on our 300 acre property. A tour of our maple syrup operation is also available.


Haliburton ATV Association

320 Pine Avenue

Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0     705-457-8780

Eric Christensen


One of the clubs mandates is to work closely with all the other area trail organizations including our local snowmobile clubs. HATVA is responsible for signing, clearing and bridge replacement on may trails including snowmobile trails. We believe education towards responsible ATV use is paramount to the future of ATVing.


South Algonquin Trails

4378 Elephant Lake Road

Harcourt, ON K0L 1X0     705-448-1751

Tammy Donaldson


Pony rides, half, one, two, three and four hour rides. Summer morning day camp, ages 4 - 74, overnight rides into Algonquin Eco-Lodge. Come and enjoy a unique horseback riding experience.


Spirit of the Waterfalls

5012 Elephant Lake Road

Harcourt, On KoL 1X0    705-448-1346

Karen Warner


Experience a guided, shamanic journey through lush South Algonquin forest and along private waterfalls.  Merge the mesmerizing outer landscape with your inner landscape. Through hiking and/or horseback riding, ceremony, song, drumming & meditation, disconnect to reconnect with Nature!  Four additional adventurous journeys include Spirit of the Trees, Plants, Crystal or Stones, Spirit of Adventure.


The Old Prospector

1755 Loop Rd.

Wilberforce, ON

Ann Buchan     705-448-9893


Rockhounding! Family fun and a great way to spend time outdoors. We’ve been doing it for nearly 50 years!

There’s not better place to begin your adventure as a “rockhound” than right here in the Wilberforce area. It is home to an abundance of rocks and minerals and is a world-famous collecting location. Fluorite, apatite, titanite, the rare mineral fluoro-richterite and so much more can be found here.

Come see us for some tips to help you get started on your rockhounding adventure. We would love to see what you find and help you identify any of those ‘mystery’ rocks. This is the perfect time to get to know “Wilberforce Rocks”!