Membership in AGBA has Many Benefits

working together for the good of all

Membership is a great value and includes a listing in the annual Discovery Guide, as well as the opportunity to advertise within that guide at a discounted rate.


In addition, membership includes a business listing on this website and each of the four kiosks located in Gooderham, Cardiff, Wilberforce and Harcourt. Membership also offers the opportunity to advertise on all kiosks and includes brochure/rack card space at those same kiosks.


The AGBA offers Member2Member Workshops - members teaching fellow members skills in a small, free workshop setting. Members have had the opportunity to learn and grow with each other.


 In 2017 AGBA offered to its members online learning with at 80% off the standard price. 24 hrs a day learning for social media, software, business techniques and much more. One year full membership to learn when they could make the time.


The Association also offers education through guest speakers, support for business-to-business, networking opportunities, volunteering opportunities and much more. We can all do more by working together.


In addition to offering membership advertising opportunities and education, the AGBA also has expectations from its members.


Each member is encouraged to follow the AGBA Code of Conduct


The Algonquin Gateway Business Association

Code of Conduct 2014


As a community based business association, we encourage our membership to apply the following principles when conducting business:


Pride in the AGBA & Community

  • To build partnerships locally between tourism operators, retailers, service companies, trades people and contractors; and promote and support AGBA member businesses whereby individual members may avail themselves of the power of a combined effort through their AGBA membership.
  • To respect local values by promoting local traditions, culture and practices.


Commitment to Customer Service

  • To conduct our services honestly and honourably, and expect our clients and suppliers to do the same.
  • To always try to meet all of our contractual obligations.
  • To suggest an alternative local business if we are unable to satisfy a customer’s timeline or other requirement.
  • To provide opportunities for feedback on client experiences.
  • To inform clients of local events and where to purchase local goods and services.


Necessary Credentials, Coverage(s) and Conduct to Operate our Businesses

  • To conform to relevant law and to hold the proper licenses and insurance to conduct our businesses.
  • To promote professional standards in our businesses.


Commitment to Local Employment, Culture and Economic Development

  • To promote education and apprenticeship programs and employ local people where appropriate and available.
  • To buy locally produced goods, equipment and services wherever possible.


Willingness to Charge Competitive Rates

  • To set fees that are competitive for what we provide, which are high quality, tailored and specialized services so that our businesses may make a competitive profit.


Support and Protect our Environment

  • Encourage environmentally responsible practices and contribute to the ongoing integrity of our valuable natural resources and cultural places.